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Angelica Rose, An Angel Walkin. a national gifted Angelic Inner Essence Activation Specialist-Angel Messenger, Certified Hypnotist & Author of Relaxation CDs, DVDs, 2 Books, and Inspirational Stickers 

You have the choice of Special Events, Meditations, Private Sessions, Readings, Products I created and Online Series for those committed to living a life of JOY, PEACE, LOVE on an elevated frequency and would like my assistance.

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Spiritual Journey from Human Consciousness to Spiritual Oneness

Message of Love

Human Journey to Awakening

Angelic Inner Essence Specialist Show

Connection to the Universe and Gratitude

Breaking the protection in the heart

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Angel Messenger,Your Spirit Guides Medium Messages:
Angelica operates on the Angelic Plane where she relates to Pure Love Energy. Angelica provides messages/information from Your Spirit Guides, Angelic realm, and when appropriate Medium Messages as she operates on the angelic realm, free of any human filters.
She also reads the 8 Chakra points to provide clarity on the current lessons you are learning for greater levels of awareness.

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